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In an effort to balance family life with our business endeavors, we are no longer offering after hours emergency

services.  We regret any inconveniences that this may create.

We will, however, be available for on-going cases that might need after hours attention.

We have established a relationship with a legitimate, after hours veterinary emergency service in Idaho Falls,

Idaho, approximately 70 miles from Alpine.  We acknowledge that the distance to this service is not ideal, and in

some emergencies, may be too far away to be practical.  However, this service has numerous benefits that are

worthy of your consideration.

This service is located at a veterinary hospital that is staffed with a veterinarian and support personnel on

premises during the overnight hours and weekends, and as such, is a true veterinary emergency facility.  No

appointments are needed to utilize this service, and their professional fees are affordable.

Please be aware that no such emergency facility or service exists in either Star Valley or Jackson.

Click here for a link to the Idaho Falls Veterinary Emergency Service website for further information.

Alternatively, there are other "on-call" veterinary emergency services that are offered in both Star Valley and

Jackson.  At this time, we do not endorse any specific after hours service.

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